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Business Forecasting

See the benefits of always having the right inventory at the right time. Management by exception has never been easier.
"Avercast has freed up millions of dollars in inventory and allowed us to justify a new hire"
Paul Feorene -
Manager - Logistics,
& Parts Management
at Kawasaki

Robust System

Can analyze 60 months of history and up to 60 months in the future, using over 208 expert algorithms.

Forecast Any Level

Has the flexibility to forecast at any level (SKU, location, customer, warehouse, planner, sales region, groupings, total business, etc).


Customer interface is easy to use and combines many options for forecasting. Each user can view all data in a graphical overview.

Supply planning

Avercast Supply Planning eliminates the excess product and allows managers to accurately replenish daily, weekly or monthly time periods.
Justin Seef
Procurement Director
"This is the perfect solution for the medium-sized business… After using Avercast for six months, our inventory was reduced by 23%."

Simple supply Planning

Develop a time-phased supply plan in daily, weekly or monthly time intervals up to 180 periods in the future.

Streamlined Process

Use action items to eliminate the need to manage thousands of SKUs and highlight only those that need immediate attention.

Powerful Analysis

Easily perform “what if” analyses on your supply strategies and recalculate safety stock as changes are made to the supply plan.


Sales & Operations Planning is the most effective way to align business goals with strategy.
"It allowed us to manage our Sales and Operations in a way that was out of this world."
Christian Tebbs
Director of Business Intelligence

processes and policies

You can train the system to alert you when anything outside the norm of your business happens.

customized reports

Avercast S&OP software builds customized reports that observe and support your business practices.


Avercast harnesses the human components of S&OP flexibly and includes user-friendly presentations.

Integrate with ALL ERP SystemS

Avercast can integrate with all ERPs

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