Demand Planning Software

Right Product, Right Place, Right Time! Avercast has the best forecast software available to empower you to completely understand, forecast & plan your product demand along with your related replenishment needs.  Our expert-level demand management software tools will help you avoid both stock-out & overstock situations that will enable you to operate more efficiently on lower levels of inventory.  Our world-class technology will help you easily navigate the rough waters associated with supply chain planning.

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What is demand planning software?

What is demand planning software?

Demand management software, also known as inventory forecasting software, allows any company to predict the upcoming demand for a product so that they can plan their supply accordingly. Also referred to as business forecasting software, this type of solution can help your company avoid having slow-moving products take up valuable inventory space or not having enough fast-moving products to meet the demand for them.

Forecasting Software

The 208 forecasting algorithmsdeveloped at Avercast over the past few decades for budgeting and forecastingsoftware has made Avercast the best forecasting software tool on the market.With Avercast demand forecasting software, you can accurately forecast thedemand for your products. Our demand forecasting software analyses relevanthistorical data and considers the latest trends, seasonal patterns, and eventsto predict your future sales. The financial forecasting software is developedusing advanced technology tools to accurately detect and correct yourinventory's demand patterns to increase your business profitabilitysignificantly. We design customized solutions for our financial projectionsoftware, with additional functions and features for an improved forecast tomeet your business's needs. Data is represented graphically in a simple mannerfor an easy understanding of every business process level. Our demandforecasting software can be used to generate weekly and monthly estimates atdifferent levels of product sales that will help you with effective enterpriseplanning. Avercast has gained expertise in providing all types of forecastingsoftware for large networks.

Our Custom Demand Planning Solution for Your Inventory Planning Needs

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Custom Reporting

A built-in dashboard and integrated Business Intelligence tool. Reporting tools make custom reporting a breeze. Avercast Business Forecasting utilizes MS SQL Database Technology.

Custom Demand Planning

At Avercast, we believe in sticking with our customers for the long haul. If your business encounters a forecasting or planning problem, we will work with you to design a customized business forecasting software solution so that you’ll never have to go through the complicated process of choosing a new inventory forecasting software provider ever again.

Industry Leading Algorithms

Avercast Demand Management Software is the best forecasting software being powered by an industry leading 208 forecasting algorithms. ADP systematically measures each algorithm against up to five years of historical inventory data (at any level of hierarchy) prior to selecting a “best fit” for going forward. Forecasts are displayed for up to 60 months into the future.

Best Tools for Your Success

Avercast Demand Planning software includes many best-in-class tools such as safety stock optimization, service level optimization, ABC analysis, promotion and event management, exception management, and customizable performance metrics.

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Industry Leader in Demand Planning Software

We have been in this business for years. Over that time, we have been able to develop a customized solution for each of our customers so that we grow with them as they grow. Some of the highlights of our growth include:

Accurately Forecasting Demand
Forecasting at Any Level
Having a Customized Solution
A Customer and Salesman Forecast Comparison
And an Intuitive Software Interface

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Inventory Forecasting Software

An essential part of the demand planning software suite is inventory forecasting software. Inventory forecasting tools allow you to make an analysis of your inventory across locations and see where you may have too much stock on hand, so that you can transfer it to a location where you are almost sold out of stock. The best inventory forecasting software systems also allow you to integrate with an ERP system so that your inventory forecasting tools update on a daily basis according to the data in your ERP system. The best part is that Avercast inventory forecasting software and the inventory forecasting tools with it come with the supply planning software module at no extra expense to you.

Avercast Inventory Forecasting
Software Capability Video Guide:

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Accurately Forecast Demand

In today’s world, there are a substantial number of ways to forecast demand for your business. Avercast Business Forecasting can analyze 60 months of history and up to 60 months in the future by using over 200 expert algorithms. Our system runs each of these algorithms while analyzing your seasonality and trends to produce a forecast you can trust.

Customized Solutions

During our years of business, we’ve seen many unique supply chain challenges. Every business is unique and therefore may need a unique solution to their demand forecasting process. We listen to the obstacle you give us, then work as a team to design a creative solution. We then use that solution to help other businesses having similar problems and naturally grow as a company.

Intuitive Software Interface

Turnovers and new hires can slow things down and hinder efficiency. Our user-friendly inventory forecasting software solution makes for a seamless transition. Your new demand planners will be performing at the same level, or better, than your old ones with a customer interface that is easy to use and combines many options for forecasting. Each user can view all data in a graphical overview.

Customer and Salesmen Forecast Comparison

As a company, you likely receive a lot of different forecasts from different places. Some of those forecasts may come from your sales team, others from your customers, others from a demand forecasting software like us. With Avercast you are able to compare the forecasts of your customers, sales team, and our calculated forecast in order to make adjustments and generate an extremely accurate demand forecast to help you plan inventory as efficiently as possible.

Forecast At Any
Level of Hierarchy

Keeping track of the demand for every single variation of every single product can be tricky. When taking into consideration every SKU, location, customer, warehouse, planner, sales region, groupings, total business, etc. your team can quickly become overwhelmed trying to keep things organized. Avercast lets you forecast demand at any level you want. Don’t just settle for SKUs, forecast everything from brands to suppliers.

Our Products & Features

Sales & Operations Planning Software

• Simplistic Sales & Operations Planning Management
• Achieve Business Objectives
• Feature List Item Summaries
• Calculation of Safety Stock
• Supplier Management
• Significant Reduction of Lead Times
• Customization per Vendor
• Instantaneous Supplier Communication
• Summarizes Sales, Bookings, Inventory, Production, Shipments, and Backlog for high-level analysis

Demand Forecasting Software

• Accurately Forecast Demand
• Calculate and rank ABC
• 208 Forecasting Methods
• Present Data Graphically
• Forecast at Any Level
• Monthly/Weekly Forecast
• MS SQL Technology
• Customized Solution
• Customer and Salesman Forecasting Comparison
• Batch Analysis - Manage Outliers

Capacity Planning Software

• Efficient Planning Analysis
• Intuitive Production Visibility
• MS SQL Technology
• Batch Rescheduling to Streamlining Inventory Planning

Inventory Planning Software

• Robust Demand Planning
• Streamlined Process
• Powerful Analysis
• Performance Reports
• What-If Forecasting Scenarios
• Approve Recommended Orders
• Major ERP and Database Integration
• Daily Alerts - Not Received, Below Safety Stock
• Direct Output to Excel
• Plan in days, weeks, months
• Bill of Material explosions for “kits” and/or raw materials
• Dynamic Safety Stock Calculations

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"They used one sheet per brand... [and] we had to aggregate everything. We would pretty much use the historic numbers to try and project everything. Avercast allowed us to do more.”

Martin Toh

Executive Vice President of Operations
Table Product of Walker Edison

"One of the great things Avercast did [was give] us the opportunity to take as many SKUs as we wanted and give them historical data and run the forecast in the system and see what that output was.”

Josh Rocha

Supply Chain Manager
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"With Avercast we are able to combine both forecasting and supply planning and toggle between them easily. With the visibility gained from Avercast, our forecast accuracy has improved.”

Erica Davis

Director of Planning
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As part of a deal with General Motors, Cassidy is responsible for ensuring 50 GM plants weekly forecast data is automatically interfaced into Avercast to assist in executing their orders.

Cassidy Laudadio

Forecasting Specialist
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“First, the forecasting software has helped us tremendously. In addition, the visibility into our current inventory hold has helped us very much. Without Avercast I don’t know how I would find out how much inventory I have and what I am going to end at."

Nicolette Molina

Senior Supply-Chain Analyst.
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“[OOLY] was always out of stock, couldn’t deliver, and always ship backorders [where] customers had to wait forever to get their [orders].” “Within a year, we corrected our image in the marketplace. […] We were able to… optimize our [inventory turns].”

Matt Peters

VP of Operations

Avercast Awards

Avercast Awards

Our Software Integrates Any ERP Systems

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